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PRO Ti GEL 300

The Pro Ti Gel Tennis racket is a Titanium/Graphite racket with a flattened throat area that provides excellent stability and control, encouraging spin loaded groundstrokes from the baseline. Weighing 300 Grams this racket includes our Nano Gel System, when combined with Nano Graphite & Titanium it gives an incredibly stable feel by absorbing and dispersing the impact over the entire frame for a smoother playing experience. This year with added Fast Fibre making the racket return to shape 10% faster after a ball strike. 

• 300 Grams Frame Weight

• 320mm Balance Point

• 645sq cms headsize

• Twin Taper Frame 23/25/23

• Grip Size 3 = 4 3/8”

• 25-27kgs string tension

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