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S 100 FF 2.0


The S100 has had many incarnations over the years and is still massively popular. Why mess with a good thing! If you still love it, we’ll keep making it!

For the new season we have updated the colour scheme by changing the Hot Zone Braided strings to Black and the frame is naked graphite with splashes of white in the shaft, a white grip and white stencil. The racket is finished with red and white decals for a little splash of colour.

To Keep the weight to a minimum the Karakal S-100ff has a painted shaft and naked graphite in the head it comes with a straightened frame profile to improve power and increase the size of the sweet spot and with its superlight frame is fast through the air. It comes fitted with our Hot Zone Braided string as standard adding more power to the frame without sacrificing feel and durability.

Constructed using Nexgen Fast Fibre Graphite which allows the frame to return to shape 15% faster after a ball strike resulting in more power for less effort, and dramatically improves playability.

With the environment in mind all our new top end rackets now come with a Full Bag Eco Cover, made with soft Eco fleece material, which is 100% recyclable.

  • Hot Zone Braided string - black

  • 100gms Frame Weight

  • Nexgen Fast Fibre Graphite Construction

  • Groove Power System

  • 'A' Power Shaft

  • Constant Taper Frame 18-16mm

  • One Piece Construction

  • Midsize Head - 455 sq cm

  • Fan String Pattern 14/19

  • Balance Point 365mm

  • Full Bag Eco Cover

  • Fitted with Karakal’s World No. 1 PU Super Grip

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