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Exclusive to Karakal Australia is the new Carbon Pro 140 squash racket. Manufactured using 100% High Modulus Graphite it has a frame weight of 140 Grams and a Balance Point of 360mm making for an evenly balanced frame.
The racket has a Slimline head with a 12/17 string pattern, the slim design makes it quick through the air and manoeuvrable allowing you to save even tight to the wall shots with greater ease and the flattened throat and shaft sections provide added stability on off centre hits.
• 100% High Modulus Graphite

• 140 Grams Frame Weight

• 360mm Balance Point

• 12/17 String Pattern

• Slimline Midplus Head

• ¾ Racket Cover

• Fitted with the World’s No. 1 PU Super Grip

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